Polyolefins… because it works!


In homes and automobiles, clothing and carpeting, health care and industry, polyolefin is quietly at work in thousands of applications around the world.

This versatile, high-tech fibre is durable, colourfast and chemically resistant, yet economical and environmentally friendly. Polyolefin consistently outperforms other fibre materials. From its discovery in 1954 by Nobel-prize-winning chemist Giulio Natta, Polypropylene has proven that it is a hard-working polymer.

Polyolefin plastics and fibres keep our carpeting clean and transport moisture away from the body to keep our active wear dry. They protect sterile environments and soak up industrial spills. PP is literally ‘on the job’ in our homes, cars and businesses, each and every day.

Take a tour with us through some of the many jobs that PP holds, and see how polyolefin can go to work for you.